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Developing Instrumentation index,
Instruments data sheets, Control systems
IO list, Logic diagrams, Panel layout,
Wiring diagrams, FAT/SAT protocols and
documentation required on the project.

Instrumentation specialist

PLC Programmer

Manages instrumentation installation on the field,
use proper configuration/calibration procedures
and is also responsible for the supervision of
control panel mounting.
Delivers programming, testing and commissioning, according to the best practice.

Project Phases

Project Planning

In this phase of the project we first elaborate a timing to define priorities, responsibilities, and resources. We establish progressive goals according to the defined timing. The list of deliverable documents and files is generated in this project phase.

Project Implementation

Programming FAT - Factory Acceptance Test
Field Supervision
Commissioning and Start-Up

Project Support

Project support is a concern to guarantee
the complete functionality of a project,
especially during the transition from the
contractor delivery and the plant operation,
that is why we put special attention on this activity.

Control Panels

As a Rockwell Solution Partner we meet the highest quality standards, Our ability to deliver the right Control Panels to you depends on the quality of our products and components used. ECN AUTOMATION operates a unique line of production, working tools and outstanding service, each of which can be devoted to answering your needs.

We meet the highest quality standards.