ECN Automation helps companies develop, commission, and start-up world-class industrial processes, mainly in the mining industry. ECN was founded in 1991 and has completed more than 600 successful control and automation projects.

Our dedicated staff of skilled, experienced engineers support our clients with project management, control engineering, PLC/HMI programmers, CAD, panel design and construction, and instruments commissioning.

Based in the Sonoran desert region of the US and Mexico, ECN Automation serves clients with a combination of skill, experience and value.  We are now conveniently located in multiple locations and we are convenient to any location within the region.

ECN put emphasis on technical training so that our engineers are completely current with the most modern process control approaches. Engineers at ECN receive more than 100 hours of training annually in these areas: PLC programming, control/field/communication networks, HMI programming, plant information, project administration, field instruments, control valves, industrial control, etc.

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