If you are working in the biogas, landfill, or CHP industry, you need the right tools to do your job. With MRU Instrument has emission system options for many gas components. If you are looking for a biogas analyzer, landfill gas analyzer, or flue gas analyzer for your industry, We have you covered with a wide selection of great options catered to your needs.

We have the most powerful handheld biogas analyzer with our Optima 7 biogas analyzer. Along with biogas, the Optima 7 can be used as a flue gas analyzer. Along with the Optima 7, we have the SWG 100, a unique analyzer capable of usage as a biogas, bio-methane, coal bed methane, and landfill gas analyzer.

There are plenty of handheld, portable, and stationary gas analyzers on our site to choose from. MRU Instruments proudly manufactures and distributes our own emission monitoring systems and have done so for over 30 years. Browse our industry options for more product specifications.


OPTIMA 7 Biogas

For Landfills and anaerobic digesters, the OPTIMA 7 measures methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, plus pressure, flow and temperature.  It can also be outfitted for the tuning of WTE engines, whether on biogas or natural gas to measure carbon monoxide and NOx.

  • Fast and easy to use intuitive menus and function buttons
  • Large, color back-lit display with ZOOM feature for viewing in any condition
  • Customizable screen settings
  • Durable and dirt resistant keypad
  • High energy Li-Ion battery provides up to 8 hours or operation
  • Large 16,000 measurements internal memory
  • Integrated SD card reader for additional data storage and easy data handling
  • Gas sample preparation with large condensate separator with Teflon filter
  • Pressure, flow, and temperature measurements


SWG 100 BIOGAS Compact Analyzer

  • Safety in use with gas flow restrictor orifice at gas inlet and ventilation
  • Effcient sample gas preparation for fast and reliable measurements
  • Sampling from low suction up to high pressure gas
  • No dilution of the sample gas, neither use of compressed air is required
  • Discontinuous measurement, user settable up to 24 measurements per 24 hours
  • Up to 3 sites monitoring (time sharing technique) with only one analyzer
  • Data storage and event logging on SD card
  • IP 54 cabinet for use in harsh environment
  • Ready to run delivery, minimum installation work, low service downtime
  • May be installed outside or inside



  • For long-term biogas and cogeneration heat and power engine emissions testing
  • Simultaneous measurements of up to 7 gas components!
  • Biogas measurement: O2, H2S, CH4 and CO2 (infrared for CO2/CH4)
  • Emissions measurement: O2, CO*, NO*, NO2* and CO2
  • Biogas pressure measurement (or stack pressure)
  • Standard O2 measurement with long-life cell (approx. 4-5 years estimated life span)
  • Super bright, color 3.5” TFT display with LED backlight
  • Sample preparation with condensate separator and Teflon filter (optional gas cooler)
  • Intuitive menu guided software and function keys
  • Internal data storage for up to 16,000 measurements
  • High energy Li-Ion battery (up to 20 hours operation time / with gas cooler approx. 10 hrs.)
  • Customizable screen settings
  • Durable and dirt resistant keypad
  • Built-in speed printer with easy paper loading
  • Integrated SD card reader for additional data storage and data transfer to PC
  • Compact and robust transport case