During the treatment phase of the purification of the juice, impurities and foreign matter that comes from sugar cane, transportation and the grinding stage are removed. In this phase the juice will be heated, treated with lime and decanted, a process known as simple clarification.

The main objectives of the clarification are:

  • Produce a clean juice.
  • Improve the purity of the juice.
  • Separate foreign matter such as dirt, bagasse, and other harmful substances.
  • Maintain an adequate pH to reduce losses due to the investment of sucrose in the recovery phase of sugar.

The simple clarification is for the production of sugar or brown sugar. However, it is necessary to improve the color and the brightness of the sugar. For this, the juice must go through a process of sulphation. The clarified juice has a high water content, which is essential to remove. This is achieved in the evaporation season, where a juice of approximately 15 ° Brix is obtained and concentrated up to 65 ° Brix, as a result of the syrup.

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