Crushing is the name of the process to reduce the size of the particles in a substance by mechanical media.

The crushing, moreover, refers to the production of a homogeneous material through the mixture, and converts the production in a bulk material (ground material, and particles) as homogeneous as possible.

The crushing process is necessary before the subsequent steps of the process take place, the crushing represents the fundamental process from which the treatment processes are carried out.

Due to the wide variety of materials that can be crushed, the machinery and controls used, must offer a high degree of flexibility.


Types of crushing:

  • Primary crushing.
  • Secondary crushing
  • Tertiary crushing
  • Quaternary crushing

A crushing circuit is generally made up of crushers, vibrating screens, chutes and conveyor belts, with all their safety accessories, motors, and variable frequency drives, as well as the required controllers.

In ecn we have the experience in development of integral control systems for crushing plants, going from the field elements up to the control algorithms and HMI, so we can optimize the execution times of our projects up to 30%, with a modular system, easy to implement and maintain.



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