Due to the sanitary emergency that we are living globally due to the COVID-19 virus, companies are looking for continue their operations while reducing the risk of infection of their personnel that is working on-site.

Those plants that are operating, a stop or lost due to the failure of a mesuring instrument can cost two or three times more than a stop in previous times before the contingency such as pharma, food & beverages and electric generation.

Thanks to the instrumentation technology advances of Endress+Hauser now is possible to skip this type of failures by executing the remote diagnosis and start-up of the instruments without the need to be on-site to execute the complete task.

There are two ways to do it:

Remote support by the team of experts of Endress+Hauser.
By yourself having the correct technologies (software, network and knowledge).
The first option, trough the remote support of Endress+Hauser you have the benefit of having an expert executing the diagnosis and start-up of your measuring instruments quickly and safely,

Endress+Hauser is offering this remote support free of charge during the next 45 days.

The second option requires investment of software and to have technical knowlege.

Let us advice you and support you remotely during this contingency time.

Here we are to support you.

Javier Miroz

Director of Added Value Services

ECN Automation

e-mail: javier.miroz@ecnautomation.com