Imagine being able to support a multitude of cable lengths, target materials and older probe systems with just a single device. Metrix and ECN have a DPS (Digital Proximity System) who combines the performance of a fully API 670 compliant eddy-current proximity measurement system with a flexibility of digital configurability.

What is the main benefit to acquire a DPS?

  • Save time and money


Additional benefits:

  • Full API 670 compliance. The DPS was designed to fully comply with API 670 for linear range, interchangeability, standard probe mechanical configurations and all other details.
  • Reduced spare parts inventory. Allowing a single type of driver or transmitter to be field-configured for a wide range of probe types, cable lengths, etc.
  • Fully interchangeable with Bently Nevada probe systems.
  • Support for older probe systems. Supports older probe systems, cable lengths, and target materials, using a single driver or transmitter. MX2033 drivers and MX2034 transmitters allow the user to change the configuration in the field for use with virtually any Metrix or BN proximity probe and cable.


The DPS is a 3-Part system consisting of a probe driver or transmitter, probe and extension cable

Probe driver or transmitter: Depending on the required signal output format: MX2033, 3-Wire Driver and MX2034, 4-20 mA Transmitter. The models are fully compatible with a large variety of probes and cables from Metrix.

Probe Series: MX8030 or MX2030

Extension cables: MX8031 and MX2031

DPS Features

  • Different common shaft materials
  • Unknown common shaft materials
  • Trimmable system lengths
  • TightViewTM for limited clearances
  • Other manufacturer’s probes and cables
  • Older probes and cables
  • Field configurable changes
  • No cross talk
  • Configurable spike suppression