The pH is one of the variables with the highest number of measurement points in the Pharmaceutical industry, however, in the Bioreactor it is necessary to guarantee the reliability of the measurement to obtain the certainty that the product meets the quality requirements and the current regulations, requested by the authorities

In the bioreactor the fermentation process is carried out, where the pH measurement is a critical control parameter, which has an optimum pH range for efficient growth and the expression of proteins, this bioprocess is very complex and sensitive with a great demand on long-term speed and accuracy. Strictly aseptic conditions must be guaranteed throughout the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process.

In ECN we can help to select the correct sensor for each type of application, the pH sensors of type ISFET, made of PEEK material which are resistant to short circuits, allowing to be free of glass in the process and in contact with the product and so avoid contaminating the product, including the power of these small fragments of glass to the packaging area or packaged and that these arrive with the end customer.

Allowed to help you with other applications: Temperature, product level and foam and flow formation with 3A standards for equipment construction and FDA certification for materials that are in contact with the product.