Currently in the food and beverage industry it is necessary to have efficient processes, reduce costs and maintain the quality of their products, this is achieved through process automation, an important point for automation is the use of measuring instruments such as flow, pressure, temperature, level, analytical meters,

The instrumentation is the basis of the automation and they are in charge of bringing the information of what happens within the process to the control system, this information is carried by different types of signals such as a 4… 20 mA or by communication protocols used in the industry such as HART, Ethernet, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, etc.

Therefore, it is necessary to have the appropriate tools to be able to access the instrumentation to be able to perform the appropriate configuration of the instruments as well as to be able to intervene in case of any modification. Endress Hauser has different alternatives to access the instruments and make the appropriate configuration.


Universal and high performance PC tablet for equipment configuration in Ex Zones 1

The Field Xpert SMT77 tablet PC for device configuration allows the management of mobile plant assets in hazardous areas (Ex Zone 1) and non-hazardous areas. It is suitable for commissioning and maintenance personnel to administer Endress + Hauser and third-party field instruments with digital communication interface.


  • Robust and high-performance tablet for use in areas of the Ex1 zone with a large 10.1 ″ screen and a battery with autonomy of up to 5 hours.
  • Touch equipment configuration software with a direct link to the Netilion platform for optimized management of plant assets.
  • Pre-installed driver libraries for all major industrial protocols.
  • Quick connection to computers with a simple click thanks to automatic hardware detection. The online application software and driver update service / DTM offers new functionality and maximum security.
  • Integrated Heartbeat verification includes PDF documentation.
  • Connection to Endress + Hauser Bluetooth and WLAN devices: perfect for hard-to-reach instruments.

Field Xpert SFX370 Plant asset management (PAM) simplifies and optimizes commissioning and maintenance tasks

Field Xpert is an industrial PDA with integrated touch screen for commissioning and maintenance of field equipment in areas with danger of explosion and in safe areas *. It allows efficient configuration of devices with FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART 5/6/7 and WirelessHART technology via Bluetooth and / or Wi-Fi interfaces.


  • Ease of access to devices, optimized configuration of devices, adaptable configuration templates and clear configuration reports save time during commissioning
  • Explicit device documentation saves time during equipment exchange; Transparent information on maintenance, diagnosis and troubleshooting and repair functions increases plant safety and performance
  • High-resolution full-VGA touchscreen (640 x 480 pixels) simplifies operation
  • The high degrees of protection of entry of substances and protection against explosions allow the Field Xpert to be used in all types of industries
  • Direct integration of calibration data into calibration task management solutions saves time and increases the quality of device calibrations
  • Mobile phones, cameras (which allow you to send snapshots of situations immediately by email), one-dimensional laser scanners (barcode), 2D image capture devices (DataMatrix or QR codes) and RFIDs as standard or optional increase labor productivity

Intrinsically safe interface for Smart transmitters. Convert HART protocols to USB signals.


  • Remote start-up of field equipment directly from the control room or from anywhere in the control loop
  • Full support for FieldCare software.
  • For connection to intrinsically safe circuits (4… 20 mA)
  • Inert according to IEC 61508 for connection to 4… 20 mA control loops SIL 2
  • Interchangeable communications resistance
  • CDI / USB driver to install on Windows 7 (x32 + x64) and Windows XP
  • 4mm / 2mm adapter cable supplied