When operating a brewery, it is important to have emission monitoring systems to keep a close eye on CO2 levels. Having the right emission analyzer can help you run the brewery as efficiently as possible. ECN has a great selection of emission analyzers with stationary, handheld and portable gas analyzer options. We have plenty of emission monitoring systems to choose from for many applications. MRU Instruments has manufactured and distributed emission monitoring equipment for over 30 years to many industry professionals. Browse our gas analyzers and emission monitoring equipment options for more details on product specifications.

SWG 100 CEM 

Low cost stationary analyzer for continuous emission monitoring for industrial applications using extractive method


  • Field replaceable sensors
  • Very compact industrial design, for up to 6 gas simultaneous measurement
  • Use low cost but reliable electro-chemical cells for O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2 and infrared module (NDIR) for CO2 measurement
  • Advanced sample gas preparation for fast and reliable measurements
  • Flexible platform can be used for various combustion applications
  • Direct and continuous/discontinuous measurement, with pressure and temperature compensation of all main flue gas parameters
  • External measurements (temperature, pressure, etc.) by reading of ext. standard signal
  • Simple installation, ready to run delivery and easy to maintain
Measuring ranges
O2 – Oxygen 0 … 25 %
CO2 – Carbon dioxide 0 … 40 %
CO – Carbon monoxide 0 … 10,000 ppm
NO – Nitric oxide 0 … 4,000 ppm
NO2 – Nitrogen dioxid 0 … 1,000ppm
SO2 – Sulfur dioxide 0 … 4,000ppm

AMPRO 2000

Combustion / Emission HandHeld Analyzer

  • Simultaneous measurement of up to 6 gas components
  • Suitable for emission monitoring of combustion and industrial processes
  • Emission calculations including: mg/m3, NO(x) as mg/m3 NO2, true measurement of NO(x) = NO + NO2
  • Gas temperature measurement up to 2,012°F

NOVA compact

Combustion gas analyzer

  • Simultaneous measurements of up to 4 gas components
  • Gas temperature measurement up to 2,012°F (use stainless steel up to 1,200°F, use Inconel tubes up to 2,012°F)
  • Large condensate separator with PTFE (Teflon) coated filter (Optional with gas cooler)
  • Air purging pump for CO-sensor protection

SWG 200

The flue gas analysis system SWG200-CEM is the rugged, low cost industrial gas analyzer

  • IP54 aluminum cabinet with anti-corrosive red structural lacquer and monitored fan ventilation
  • Included dual heat ex changer Peltier gas cooler with two automatic condensate draining pumps
  • Efficient sample gas filtration using PTFE sintered particulate filter
  • Regulated sample gas pump with sample gas flow monitoring and alarm