Attraction and Development

Scholarship Program

The scholarship program is one of the programs which enables ECN to attract the best existing Talent from different cities where the company is present. Its purpose is to offer newly-graduated professionals with the chance to gain experience and knowledge through the participation in different projects of the organization, as well as the opportunity to be part of a great team such as the ECN Family.

This program includes the following Bachelor's Degrees: Mechatronics Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Automation and Control Engineering, Accounting, Management or a career related to the business of our organization.

HIPI Program

 The HIPI Program is intended for ECN collaborators, and will enable the identification, retention and strengthening of ECN Talent. Using the ECN Intrapreneur scheme, said collaborator will be able to develop the attributes and characteristics of a high-performance leader, thus producing highly efficient teams.

All ECN collaborators selected for HIPI will develop the following three areas:

  • Learning
  • Examination
  • Economic Development

Corporate University

The ECN Corporate University brings comprehensive personal development to human capital within the organization.

The purpose of ECN’s Corporate University (UEECN, as per its acronym in Spanish) is to:

  • Development of values, attitudes, knowledge and skills.
  • Spaces for the generation, structuring and disclosure of knowledge within the organization.
    de la organización.
  • Opportunity for personal and professional growth of ALL members of the company:
    Leaders and Collaborators


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