Automatic Flocculant Dosage for Phosphate Elimination

The implementation of an automatic flocculant dosage for phosphate elimination allows the client to comply with the output limit of phosphates and save a good deal of money, resulting in less consumption of chemical products and a smaller generation of sludge.

The input to waste water treatment plants varies due to the high load of industrial waste waters. The manual flocculant dosage has not normally worked well enough to maintain proper control in the output phosphate concentration. The client’s challenge is to respect the official phosphate output limit and to efficiently manage chemical product costs.

The best way to achieve these objectives was to implement an automatic dosage system for chemical products based on phosphate measurement, both at output and input.

Solution components:

  • Instruments: phosphate analyzer with 2-channel version (CA80PJ, CAT820)
  • Hardware: PLC (Rockwell Automation Allen Bradly® CompactLogixTM)
  • Metering pumps
  • Cabinet for analyzer installation, electrical control and pumps


  • Preservation of the phosphates limit output value at any given time
  • Safety optimization for your waste water treatment plant
  • Efficient cost handling of chemical products
  • Reduced sludge generation
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