Machine Safety

The machine safety standards have been experiencing some changes recently.

There are numerous potential risks around machinery or equipment, which can be divided into 2 parts, such as safety risks and health hazards, like sharp edges, gears, chains, rotary axes, spinning blades and levers.

Safety Risks

  • Contact with moving parts, sharp edges, gears, chains, rotary axes, spinning blades and levers
  • Contact with electricity, heat, fire, cold and other forms of energy.
  • Contact with pressurized liquid or gas

Health Hazards

  • Contact with harmful chemical products
  • Contact with harmful noises, radiation, vibrations
  • Lack of proper ergonomics at the work site: process handling and design
  • Actions that are detrimental to the environment and the community

Therefore, ISO 13849-1:2015 establishes the safety requirements and guidelines, and the design and integration principles for control system parts related to safety (SRP / CS), including software design. For SRP /CS parts, it specifies characteristics that include the required performance level to carry out the safety functions.

Each of these safety function documents provides a guide for a specific safety feature based on functional requirements, selection of equipment and performance level requirements, including the installation and wiring plan, the configuration, verification and validation, and the calculation of the level of performance.

At ECN, we have developed experience providing functional solutions for the safety applications of machines, processes and electricity. We make your operations safer, more productive, more flexible and more profitable.

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