Machinery protection systems (vibration monitoring)

Mechanical vibrations analysis is currently one of the techniques for monitoring the condition of machines.

The application of this technology is one of the cornerstones of modern maintenance systems operating under the philosophy of operational reliability, based on predictive-type maintenance, which largely accounts for the availability of equipment, making consistent, efficient and effective use of economic and human resources.

Digital Proximity Systems

The revolutionary Digital Proximity System (DPS) eliminates the need for dozens of different controllers and transmitters, and replaces them with a single field-configurable package.

Tipo sísmico

Seismic Type

Seismic-type instrumentation is used to measure the structural vibration of bearing enclosures. These elements will generally transfer vibrations related to the axis and bearings to the outside of the machine, where they may be detected through different types of sensors.

Vibration Transmitters

  1. ST5484E is a seismic speed transmitter that contains a piezoelectric accelerometer, a signal integrator, a peak detector and a signal conditioner that provides an output of 4-20 mA.
  2. The ST5491E sensor offers continuous and local signal of the levels of vibration. Its sensing and transmission elements are similar to ST5484E, but it includes 2-digit LCD screen in an integral conduit elbow, and is designed for temperatures ranging from -10 to +70 °C.


If you need a local screen, alarm and shutdown capacity, data recording and the ability to communicate through Modbus over Ethernet TCP/IP, Metrix has a solution to meet your condition monitoring requirements.


SETPOINT is our comprehensive protection system for machinery, designed to continuously monitor up to 56 vibration channels and 84 temperature channels in a single rack.

  • Tactile screen
  • Fully compatible with API 670
  • Completely independent and redundant power
  • The first open protocol in the industry both for static monitoring and dynamic data (spectra), including the greatest amount of data
  • Out-of-box connectivity with OSIsoft* PI System* for condition monitoring system (CMS)
  • Simplified refurbishment options with only 4 types of basic modules
  • Compatible with 24 VCD standard instrumentation power
  • Easy configuration software
  • Rack sizes with 4, 8 and 16 modules available as needed
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