Red Valve

Solving applications for the most demanding flow controls

Red Valve meets the needs of clients with quality products and engineering services designed for the most demanding municipal and industrial applications. Our advanced elastomer technology is designed in each pressure valve, gate valve with pass-through blade, pressure sensor, expansion joint and retention valve.

Pinch valves with hydraulic and pneumatic operation

They offer an economic solution to flow control problems.

Valve activation is made using air or hydraulic pressure exerted directly on the elastomer sleeve.

Pinch control valves

Red Valve control valves offer maximum durability with precise control and practically no maintenance. A resistant attachment mechanism positions the rod that constricts the sleeve, which results in highly precise flow control.

Pass-through blade-type valves

Red Valve’s pass-through blade valves are the perfect complement for our wide range of slurry-handling products. All blade-type valves are designed with a very high-quality standard to provide the best possible performance.

Manual pinch control valves

They are reliable, profitable and maintenance-free valves, designed for abrasive service and corrosive chemical applications.

High-quality sleeves for pinch valves

The quality of any pinch valve is as good as the quality of its sleeve. Our sleeves are built similarly to a heavy-duty truck tire, with a rubber reinforced with polarized fabric which provides structural support (radial manufacture).

Additional solutions portfolio

  • Pressure sensors for abrasive fluids
  • Expansion joints and rubber fittings
  • Check-type valves
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