The jefferson serie 2015 valve have been specifically designed to operate in lines of CNG dispensers or other combustible gases provided in high pressure, fulfilling high strength and operating efficiency, long life and safe operations frequent under hard working conditions.

Compact design allows installation in limited spaces or inside boards of command. The piston and shutter are of PEEK an ideal material for opening and closing valve, its hardness and resistance which ensure high performance and durability.


  • CNG dispensers and other combustible gases such as hydrogen.
  • Lines of non-corrosive high pressure gases.

Main characteristic

  • Normally closed
  • Servo operated
  • Forged Brass Body
  • PEEK piston and shutter
  • NPT Connection
  • Enclosure weather and explosion proof coil  model “ZC”
  • Clasification: NEMA Type 3. 3S. 4X, 6, 7, 9, Class 1, Division 1, Grade C & D, Class 2, Gr. E, F & G.