Maximize Process Uptime For Life.

Increase your product safety & resource efficiency.

Pentair Sudmo do more than design and manufacture process valves, manifolds and fittings. They are dedicated to provide our and their customers with the right technology for each application.

As the need for safety and sustainability in the beverage, beverage   and   food   markets   increases,    they    continue    to    respond    with    advanced   products   and   services.   Whether   working   with   a   dairy   plant   that   must   meet   strict   regulations   or   developing   a   complete   solution for an international brewery we have the solution that fits.

Pentair  Südmo,  located  in  Riesbürg,  Germany,  has more than 60 years experience in hygienic process  equipment,  and  an  extensive  range  of     stainless     steel     sanitary     and     aseptic     valves  and  fittings,  complete  manifolds and   prefabricated   units   for   the   food,   dairy,   beverage,     pharmaceutical,     chemical,     and     cosmetic industries.


  • Innovative hygienic & aseptic design
  • Highest quality to achieve reliable, trouble free operation and less downtime
  • Optimum clean ability thanks to excellent surface quality
  • Easy maintenance, fast spare part delivery and local support






Single Seat Valves SVP Select a line of versatile and reliable valves with a wide range of sizes and executions, including long stroke.

The modular design allows for common seal dimensions and actuators for the various sizes.








Double Seat Valves DSV Complete provide leakage-free blocking of conflicting media for a wide range of industries, ideal for building valve manifolds, available in a number of executions including version PMO.









Mixproof Aseptic Process Valves AS-DSV Secure for use and automation in a wide range of applications for the food, dairy, pharmaceutical, and beverage industries.









Hygienic Butterfly Valves are used in all segments of the process industry.

Our comprehensive valve line features both manual and pneumatic drive options; including lockable handles and vertical actuators.








Control Valves SVP Select are customizable for each application using standard components for achieving perfect control of product and CIP flow. The optional programmable features in the control top provide excellent control and repeatability.









Control Pressure Valves with or without steam barrier and Non-return Valves with different types of port connections, you will find them all in the Südmo components range.









Valve Control Units provide decentralized control of process valves for dairies, breweries and soft drink systems. This is an enormous advantage when building complex valve manifolds in tank depots or distribution stations.







Sampling Valves and Sight Glasses and their accessories complete the Südmo process equipment.











Vacuum and Safety Valves for a proven simple and reliable TankTop compact system.










Hygienic Process Valves, formerly known under the brand Keystone are designed for sanitary applications in the dairy, brewing, beverage, pharmaceutical and bio-chemical industries.








Valve Manifolds from Pentair Südmo offer professional design, combined with the highest processing quality of own valves and permit optimum cleaning for perfect product quality.










Components+ are engineered skid solutions and units from Pentair Südmo, offering added value through own components, in-house application engineering and top-notch design.