General Product Information

Maintaining consistent, reliable metering is crucial when regulating the flow rate or providing back pressure to a process line.

On a multi-product process line, the sizing of regulating valves is a fine balancing act. The valves must be able to control flow on different products with varying flow rates and viscosities, while ensuring adequate flow for efficient CIP.


Pentair Südmo´s SVP Select Regulating Valve offers many CV value options and both linear and equal percentage, which allows each application to be totally customized using our standard components. This results in perfect control of product and CIP flow.

Our electro pneumatic positioner (type 8692) and combination of multiple CV values and seat profiles provide precise flow control without the need for expensive large actuators. The electro pneumatic positioner takes an input signal, such as 4-20mA, either from the PLC or directly from the in-line sensor, when taken directly, this can eliminate the need for PID loops and related software. With the optional programmable features contained in the standard control top, functions such as gain, response time and customized curves, allow the user excellent control and repeatability.


  • Multiple CV values available on each valve size
  • Equal percentage and linear seats offered
  • Bubble tight and metal to metal seats offered as standard
  • Maintenance-friendly wear components
  • 10-year prorated actuator warranty
  • Field reversible actuator
  • O-rings (not V-rings) require no special tools for seal insertion.


  • Filing operations
  • Back pressure to process and utility lines
  • Ingredient injection to process lines




Standard Specifications



  • Product contact: 316L (1.4404)
  • Non-product contact: 304(1.4301)
  • Optional: Hastelloy, AL6XN


  • Standard: EPDM
  • Optional: HNBR, FPM (Fluoro-Rubber), FFPM (Perfluorinated Fluoro-Rubber)

Operating Pressure

  • Control air pressure: Standard 87-116 psi
  • Product pressure: Standard 87 psi
  • Optional: 145 psi


  • Standard: Sanitary O.D. tube butt weld
  • Optional: Sanitary O.D. tube clamp
    Welding ends for metric tubes
    Welding ends for ISO tubes
    DIN nut





  • <= 32 Ra product contact
  • <=63 Ra non-product contact


  • Improved mechanical polish/electropolish
  • Sterilization chamber
  • Equal percentage or linear seat
  • Metal seat
  • Positioner
  • Diaphragm actuator
  • P aseptic diaphragm