¿Why is so important the CO2 measurement?

Carbon dioxide measurement is required in many applications from building automation and greenhouses to life science and safety.

The Vaisala Hand-held Carbon Dioxide Meter GM70 measures volume concentration of CO2 in the units of ppm or %

It is a user-friendly meter for demanding spot measurements in laboratories, greenhouses, mushroom farms, and for ensuring CO2 safety during soft drink bottling processes.

The meter can also be used in HVAC and industrial applications, and as a tool for checking Vaisala’s fixed CO2 instruments. The optional GM70 pump enables pump-aspirated sampling from difficult to access areas, such as incubators and chambers.

The GM70 has a short warm-up time and is ready for use almost immediately. It has a menu-based interface, a graphical LCD display and data logging capability.

Key Benefits

The GM70 has a numerical and a graphical display for easy viewing of the data with a logging capability. The user interface is available in nine languages.
Wide measurement ranges
The GM70 allows you to choose the measuring range that best suits your application.
Easy sampling
The GM70 incorporates two sampling methods: the handle is for hand-held diffusion sampling and the pump enables pump-aspirated sampling from locations difficult to access by other means.

Technical Data

  • CO2 Volume Concentration Measurement
    • 0…2000 ppm CO2
    • 0…3000 ppm CO2
    • 0…5000 ppm CO2
    • 0…7000 ppm CO2
    • 0…10000 ppm CO2
    • 0…2 % CO2
    • 0…3 % CO2
    • 0…5 % CO2
    • 0…10 % CO2
    • 0…20 % CO2
  • Accuracy: +/- 1.5 % of range + 2 % of reading

  • Operating Environment
    • Temperature: -10 a 40 °C
    • Operating Humidity: 0 a 100 % RH non-condensing
  • MI70 Measurement Indicator
    • Power supply rechargeable NiMH battery pack with AC adapter or 4xAA size alkalines, type IEC LR6
    • Scale of analog output 0 a 1 VCD
    • Housing classification IP54
    • Max. no of probes: 2