The increase in the price of electricity and more stringent environmental laws have caused the main issue of industrial companies to be their energy needs. Although the average savings of electrically powered systems is between 25 and 30%, companies often do not optimize their different production components. The ISO 50001 standard represents the most recent best practices in energy management at the International level, is based on existing national and regional standards and has replaced the EN 16001 standard since 2012. Electric performance Electric efficiency helps you identify potential savings. Electrical efficiency is the ratio between the useful power output and the total power input. In addition to energy reasons, electrical efficiency helps you:

– Evaluate the status and remaining life time.

– Find out the ideal point of operation.

– Prevent damage when constantly monitored.

– Identify oversized pumps.

– Eliminate bypass flows for control.

– Install engines with high energy efficiency.

– Distribute the volumetric flow in different pumps as a measure of reaction to a variable consumption.

At ECN we can help you with this solution to you looking for energy savings.