The MRU Air Optime7 multigas analyzer is suitable for emission monitoring of combustions and industrial processes

Intuitive software menu and bright color display will guide you through all measuring programs. Store up to 16.000 data sets directly in the analyzer’s internal data storage or on micro-SD card, or even use Bluetooth™ for wireless data transfer to notebook or MRU4u data app for smartphone or tablet. Printing via infrared, high speed thermal printer is at the tip of your fingers.

Key Benefits:

  • Hands free operation. With magnetic power using the 3 magnets from the analyser‘s rear side, this one will firmly stick on ferrous surfaces.
  • Storage, transfer or print measured data. Using the multiple choices among microSD card, mini-USB, Bluetooth™ for wireless transfer to smartphone or tablet or infrared printing.
  • Condensate and dirt are kept away. Using the large condensate trap with Teflon coated particulate filter.
  • Gas flow velocity. Measurement with m/s, absolute pressure sensor and different pitot tubes.
  • Probes and hoses. MRU offers a wide range of standard (up to 800 °C) and industrial probes (up to 1.100 °C) with various lengths.


Main Features

  • Exhaust gas measurement for all current combustibles
  • Differential-pressure measurement up to ± 100 mbar
  • Temperature measurement
  • Leakage testing on gas pipes
  • Gas flow velocity
  • Automatic measurement incl. CO-average calculating
  • High-range CO measurement
  • NOx measurement, e.g. for CHPs
  • HC (Hydrocarbon) “sniffer“ for leak detection
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for approx. 15 hours operation.


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