Nowadays gas detectors are very reliable. Even so, the latest models with premium sensors may suffer some failure, for example as a result of external influences or misuse. Filters or sensor input may be blocked, for example by a build-up of contaminants. As a result, gaseous molecules never reach sensors. Contamination of sensors by substances such as silicone can also result in significant loss of sensitivity. And if a device is hit or falls from several meters while in use, the internal components may be damaged.

Close to be instantaneous checks

Gas exposure tests have now been automated: simply as place the gas detection device inside a test station. The device is then exposed to gases and, in a few seconds, the green indicator or (in some cases) red lights up. This check is a simple, fast and transparent process. A green light on the test station means that the user is ready to start working. Red means that the device must pass through the workshop, and provide another device to the user.

Checking as a Tool: Using Data to Improve Security

Compared to what was happening before, testing times and gas consumption have been significantly reduced and processes are much more comfortable. In addition, thanks to modern test stations, daily gas exposure checks have become a valuable tool that contributes effectively to safety management.

Dräger X-dock®

Greatly facilitates testing: This test station provides complete control over portable gas detection devices.  With comprehensive documentation and reports, you can easily analyze all your data. Automatic operating tests and low test gas calibrations, as well as shorter test life, save time and money.


  • Work smarter, work safer. The X-dock® engineered advantage all starts with intuitive touchscreen operation at the master controller station where up to three test routines can be configured.
  • Comprehensive documentation. All of the relevant data from the test is collected for detailed evaluations providing you with the tools for unparalleled analytics.
  • Convenience and control. The X-dock® Manager software produces a detailed evaluation of the data in the calibration system and gas detection instruments and presents the information in various graphics and statistical models—providing you with a comprehensive overview of all results
  • Configurations for every need. The Dräger X-dock® on all sitings comes in multiple configurations to allow for flexibility, depending on the type of detection instrumentation being used.
  • Reduced test gas use means reduced costs. With a reduced gas flow (300 mL/min instead of 500 mL/min = 40% decrease) per module, you save money on test gases.
  • Time is money. You save both with the X-dock®. Up to 10 modules can be connected to the X-dock®, allowing you to test gas detection instruments simultaneously or independently of each other.
  • Further Benefits. Sensor performance testing, easy to replace seal cartridge, automatic permeability tests, touchscreen operation at the master controller station, among others.