Ultra-pure water is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, it can be used in many aspects of an analysis, including the preparation of blanks, samples, dilutions, washing of instruments, etc., the presence of a contaminant can compromise the results.

It is vital that the ultrapure water production system has a water storage tank, as this

It will be able to maintain its quality constantly, re-circulate water periodically and using purification technologies, such as UV photooxidation, ion exchange, and periodic sanitization of the equipment to minimize bacterial growth.

By definition ultra-pure water only contains H20 and H + and OH ions in equilibrium. and is obtained by demineralization process by filtration with membranes or by an Ionic exchange system to achieve a conductivity of 10 uS / cm

But how to know if the system is working correctly?

Conducal CLY421 is the perfect mobile calibration tool for conductivity measurement devices in ultrapure water applications. It offers certified comparative measurement and full traceability of the verification and calibration of its instruments. In addition, the tool is fully compliant with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Conducal is presented in a robust, mobile and hardcover box with a Liquiline transmitter with battery, which allows flexible field calibration. It is ideal for all ultrapure water applications of up to 20 µS / cm


Factory calibrated measuring cabinet with certificate for comparative measurement in ultrapure water up to 20μS / cm

Measuring range: 0.04µS / cm – 20µS / cm

Measuring principle: Conductive conductivity measurement

Design: Compact case includes factory calibrated conductivity loop and continuous flow assembly or assembly

Material Case: injection molded high performance resin

CLS15D conductivity sensor: SS 316 L, PES-GF20

Continuous flow set: PVDF