What is a CIP system? It is the cleaning system of the elements of the process in the industry, without or with little human intervention (Clean in Place), depending on the manufactured product the CIP will be different. The main function of the CIP is to clean those fat, proteins, carbohydrates, sugars and salts that are not soluble in water.

With these systems what is sought is to maintain cleanliness to ensure food safety and product quality, as well as the reduction of energy costs and consumables such as cleaning agents, however in many cases this does not occur due to lack of instrumentation that helps us to visualize as well as the lack of automation to control the different variables to make the system more efficient with the reduction of cleaning times as well as significant cost savings mentioned above.

That’s why we understand your demanding challenge in CIP applications, we provide a complete line of hygienic and sanitary measurement solutions. Our proven range of products for measuring flow, level, pressure, temperature and our E + H analysis equipment which are manufactured according to the most demanding quality standards and comply with all requirements and regulations for food and beverages.

  • Equipment that guarantees cleaning with compliance with 3-A, FDA and EHEDG
  • Reduction of energy costs and stops Robust, reliable and optimized instrumentation for the industry
  • Perfect integration in any control platform
  • Innovative self-diagnosis to guarantee total confidence in measurements

Instrumentation for CIP process

Sudmo has single seat valves with a variety of sizes and executions including the long stroke, its modular design allows simple maintenance, in addition to various sizes of actuators MIXPROOF valve-proof mixtures, include the safe separation of different products and cleaning solutions as well as the loss of product, as well as time reduction in CIP by means of fully automated manifolds that help reduce these time as well as errors in manual operation

Control valves, customizable for each application and excellent repeatability.

Proof Mix Valve

In the food industry is very important cleaning systems, as well as the agents used, commonly one of them is caustic soda (NaOH) also known sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, sodium hydrate or caustic soda, which must be used in the proper concentrations and temperatures to ensure proper cleaning.

However, the cost is high if you do not have a dilution system when you are buying soda in very low concentrations, raising the costs of operation and transportation. Advantages of LEWA systems for the dilution of caustic soda:

  • – Suitable for all concentrations.
  • – Allows simplified processes.
  • – The production and dilution processes for bases work both in manual operation and in automatic operation.
  • – Dual analysis system: for process control, concentration test and process registration.
  • – Optional temperature control to avoid precipitation
  • – Greater flexibility in production
  • – Greater independence of supplier quantities
  • – It is possible to store small quantities or increase storage times
  • – Cost savings in base production, dilution and logistics

-Here you can see two typical versions of caustic production with or without online caustic dilution system in direct comparison:

Dosage of cleaning agents and Sosa