I would like first of all to congratulate and to value the work of all the industrial maintenance teams that are working during this pandemic since maintenance guarantees the quality and hygiene operation of the industries considered as essential.

Although it has been said in several parts that this pandemic will accelerate things that were seen as future trends such as industry-oriented technologies 4.0, teleworking, remote support, etc. However, it is important to consider aspects such as industrial maintenance will also evolve.

At the beginning of the 20th century, maintenance was carried out as a reactive task, that is, waiting for something to fail and to act, and after the end of the Second World War, people started to talk about preventive maintenance since people began to pay attention to the stop times and many other things.

In the decade of the 70s, techniques began to be used that aimed to contribute to the quality, safety and environmental protection of plants in the face of new regulations in the markets.

Finally we come to our era, this new millennium starts very marked by the “competitiveness” added to a technological and now health revolution where the following stands out:

* Comprehensive Asset Management (AM), PAS 55 and ISO 55000

* High level of competence of maintenance personnel

* Reliability and Operational Excellence

* Maintenance Prevention (MP)

* Risk and Uncertainty Management (RBI)

* Development of Optimized Planned Maintenance (PMO)

* Cost-Risk-Benefit Optimization (CRBO)

* Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)

* Comprehensive Maintenance Optimization (MIO)

We see that now we are moving from reactive / preventive maintenance to maintenance with indicators for general management that address aspects of maintenance that impact finances, safety, environmental protection, and compliance with national and international market rules and regulations.

During these contingency times, it is possible to define strategies and actions for the implementation of these techniques in your plant and thus capitalize more on your time. For this, ECN Automation, together with its business partners and a group of experts, can provide advice and support. in the development of these techniques for your installed bases of automation, control and measurement equipment through our portfolio of Optimization Services and digital platforms for asset management (W @ M Portal) and calibration management (CompuCal).

We are here to serve you.

Javier Miroz

Director of Added Value Services

ECN Automation