The measurement management system (MMS) is used to determine the quantities of volume or mass of hydrocarbons that are received, stored and transferred in the storage and distribution terminals, distribution plants, transportation through pipelines or service stations.

At this point, the Energy Regulatory Commission takes great relevance since it is the one that issues the general administrative provisions and guidelines regarding specific measurements to the activity of transportation and storage of hydrocarbons, petroleum and petrochemicals.

A good measurement management system ensures the following points:

  • That the equipment and measurement processes are adequate for their intended use
  • Obtain a high-quality product.
  • Manage the risk of obtaining incorrect measurement results


The methods used for the measurement management system go from basic equipment verification, certificated calibrations to the application of statistical techniques in the measurement process control.


One of the stated management principles in ISO 9000 addresses the process-oriented approach. Measurement processes should be considered as specific processes aiming to support the quality of the products produced by the organization. Application of the measurement management system model applicable to this International Standard is shown in Figure 1.

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Christian Arroyo

Service Industrialization Leader