In the mining processes, after the blasting and transport in dump trucks, the first stage of the crushing process start, its main objective is to reduce the size of the ore that comes from the blasting, to be more suitable for the subsequent crushing processes.

This process is carried out mostly by a jaw crushers, although rotary crushers are also used, depending on the required capacity of the ore to be crushed.

In this article we will see in a simple way, the operation of a jaw crusher.

The primary crusher is generally composed of two plates of manganese steel, one of which is static and the other one is mobile, and can be rotated on its axis, located either on the lower or upper part of the jaw.

The mineral is loaded in the space between the two jaws and the mobile jaw crushes the contents between them and when the mineral is broken, it falls through the space between the two plates.

The primary crushing mostly reduces the size of the ore in a range of 6 “to 8” and this is separated in a vibrating screen, either to go to the stock pile or to return to the primary crushing.

As we can see, this equipment is fundamental in the mining process, since based on the capacity of the primary crusher, and the stock pile it generates, the operation of the plant can be continued.



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