M-Sens 2 is especially designed for continuous moisture measurement of solids during batching. This includes as well discontinuous measurement and is used for online moisture measurement of all types of powder, granulates and other bulk solids.

M-Sens 2 is characterized by its uncomplicated installation as well as by its simple calibration. Due to its hygrostability and its resistance to mechanical shocks and abrasion the entire sensor is very fail-safe and allows a long service life. The sensor window is protected by a ceramic disc being very resilient with regard to abrasion and pressure.

Some installation examples

  • Screw feeders. Proved to be very advantageous, since the material passes by the sensor window in even intervals and with relatively constant bulk density
  • Conveyor Belts. The operator can react in due time if the material is too humid or too dry. In consequence, plugging of subsequent aggregates can be prevented
  • Bins. Due to constant bulk density in case of a filled bin, the sensor finds an almost unchanging measuring field for monitoring the residual moisture. Thus, M-Sens 2 avoids that too damp material reaches the next production level or arrives into the loading.



  • Moisture ranges 0 … 65 % (depending on material)
  • Measurement accuracy 0.1 %
  • Online moisture measurement
  • Independent of the material colour
  • Temperature-resistant up to 120 °C
  • ATEX-certified
  • Recording of surface moisture and capillary moisture
  • Fexible positioning