A few weeks ago I started to share with you the solutions we have with the Dräger equipment  to support you and your team in the exploration and production of Oil and Gas; We continue to show you a little more than we can do for you, I hope you find this information useful.


Our Solutions for control and rescue


With the prevention of accidents related to alcohol and drugs, companies not only demonstrate their social commitment, but also prevent the interruption of production due to accidents. Mobile controls make it possible to carry out the tests directly at the workplace to reduce the risk of accidents and consequently avoid any interruption in production.



Dräger Alcotest 6820

The Dräger Alcotest 6820 breathalyzer offers the user an accurate and fast analysis of the rate of alcohol in the breath, simply and with a compact design.

The equipment adapts to the different international regulations and regulations.







Dräger DrugTest 5000

Without pipetting, dripping or timing control: taking a saliva sample is quick and easy with Dräger DrugTest 5000. The collected sample immediately can be analyzed for accurate results on site.





Exhaust chambers provide a safe haven in case of accidents and ensure effective emergency management based on a coordinated system that includes escape devices and shelter and rescue cameras. The workers are protected by insulation technology or filters against hazardous atmospheres and can prepare to respond appropriately for the emergency.



Dräger exhaust chambers

Is have been shown Shelter chambers play a vital role in the safety of workers in case of accidents. Dräger exhaust chambers offer a safe place to take shelter when ambient air is contaminated.





In case of emergency, it is necessary to act on time and in an appropriate manner. Although in such situations, it is difficult to remain calm and maintain control. Even in situations of tension and stress, the intuitive operation of the Dräger exhaust equipment helps to do the right thing to be able to evacuate personnel from the hazardous area as soon as possible.



Dräger PARAT®

Developed in collaboration with users to leave the danger zone as quickly as possible. Optimized operation, comfort, rugged housing and proven filters guarantee protection for 15 minutes.







Dräger Saver PP

The Dräger Saver PP is a positive pressure respiratory equipment for emergency leaks (EEBA) that has a respiratory mask and inspiratory demand valve, guaranteeing a safe and unobstructed escape from dangerous environments.






In many evacuation situations, the first step to ensure safety is to leave the danger zone. The escape to a completely safe area often takes more than 15 minutes, so is necessary have equipment that we can recharge with respiratory solution without removing them.



Charge Air D7000 Station

The Dräger PAS Colt PPH and Saver PPH exhaust systems are equipped with an air charger connector to be coupled to a central supply of high-pressure compressed air such as the Dräger D7000.




Our solutions for fixed gas and fire detection systems


The detection of toxic gases, including oxygen, changes in oxygen concentration or the presence of toxic gases in the workplace due to leaks that must be controlled quickly and efficiently. A quick response from both the gas detector and the central security system is essential to protect personnel, processes and production plants.



Dräger Polytron 7000

The Dräger Polytron 7000 is a universal intrinsic safety transmitter that measures levels of toxic gases and oxygen. The transmitter has an output power of 4-20 mA and communicates through the HART protocol.




Rapid flame detection ensures that the fire does not spread or exceed the capacity of the fire extinguishing system. The use of visual flame detection technology allows remote control through a closed circuit television in any fire situation, in addition to the automatic activation of the alarm.



Dräger Flame 5000

The Dräger Flame 5000 is a flameproof flame detector based on color images. Each detector operates autonomously and incorporates an integrated closed circuit television system inside the unit.







SharpEye 40 / 40I

The new SharpEye 40 / 40I combines reliability with a tactile design and easy operation. Its configuration is based on three infrared bands (IR3) and quickly detects gas fires or liquid fuel over a long distance






Explosive gases and vapors, explosive gas leaks or solvent spillage may present a risk of air or fuel explosion. The rapid and efficient detection of explosive gases and vapors is essential to ensure that they act as quickly and efficiently as possible in corrective actions, evacuation and explosion prevention.



GasSecure GS01

Fully wireless, GasSecure GS01 combines triple beam infrared (IR) single beam technology and very low power consumption for rapid detection of hydrocarbon gases in the most demanding and dangerous situations. The GS01 generates value for the customer because its cost and installation time is extremely low, the reliability of its infrared operation and a design that does not require calibration.






Dräger Pulsar 1

The Dräger Polytron Pulsar is an open path detector with infrared technology that detects a wide variety of gaseous hydrocarbons. The stainless steel housing and rugged design make it suitable for the most demanding environments.





The core of any reliable gas and fire detection system is the central security system. The design, installation and complete operation of the central gas and fire detection system strictly comply with international regulations on gas and fire detection.



Dräger REGARD 7000

The Dräger REGARD 7000 is a modular analysis system and, therefore, extremely expandable to monitor various gases and vapors. The Dräger REGARD 7000, which is ideal for gas control systems with various levels of complexity and transmitters, also offers extraordinary levels of reliability and efficiency. An additional advantage is the compatibility of REGARD with older systems.