The challenges

Today´s market demands complex processes that comply with stringent regulations governing upstream applications.

That is why our engineers are dedicated to understanding the complexity and ever changing oil and gas processes.

We have developed NACE MRO175/ISO1516-2009 compliant gauges, seals, transducers and switches designed to perform in wellheads, offshore rigs and shale fields. These instruments are also designed to meet the latest industry standards and regulations:

  • ATEX, CE, UL, and FM approved explosions/flame proof transducers
  • ATEC, CE, UL, CSA, FM and IECEx approved explosion/flame proof, SIL 3 capable switches
  • 316 SS c resistant enclosures

At Ashcroft, we go beyond manufacturing. We are here to help you find the best instrument or assembly for you process.

Our team has extensive experience working to counter the potential effects of stress corrosion cracking in our sour environments. We will engineer custom solutions to perform in processes where pressure spikes and pulsation can occur to meet unique installation requirements. Together we will determine the best instrumentation for you applications, as we did in the following case studies.

1109 Gauge Assembly

Products: 1109 Pressure Gauges
510 (XHP) All welded diaphragm seal
Pressure Limiting valve.

Failure Mode: Gauge must meet strict specifications and corrosion resistance

Process Media: Chemical injection, oil and gas

Maximum Pressure: up to 10,000 psi

The Problem:
An engineering company was awarded a contract to provide front end engineering design for an offshore tension leg platform (TLP) located under 3,500 ft of water. During their review, they discovered that the requirement for ASME compliant gauges had not been met. Also, the gauges did not meet the unusually stringent overpressure requirements designated for the platform. The company was also bearing the expense of prohibitively high cot Monel pressure limiting valves due to direct contact with corrosive media.

The solution:

To fulfill platform requirements. Ashcroft offered the ASME compliant 4-1/2” 1109 solid front gauge. With an optional 316L stainless steel case, the gauge was well suited to the salt spray environment, while the addition of the PLUS! Performance option kept the pointer stable despite process vibration.

The gauge was isolated from the corrosive media by a 510 diaphragm seal with Monel wetted parts. The pressure limiting valve was relocated between the diaphragm seal and the gauge, isolating it from the corrosives as well. As a result, a 316 stainless steel valve could be used in place of the Monel version, substantially lowering the cost of the assembly.

The platform now operates with the required ASME compliant pressure measurement instruments, and safely resists damages caused by corrosive media and salt spray. The new selection and configuration of component devices also lowered the cost of the assembly.

1109Pressure Gauge, PLV and 510 (XHP) Diaphragm Seal

1109 Specifications

Accuracy:                              ± 0.5% of span (ASME B40.100 Grade 2A)

Dial Size:                                4-1/2”

Process Connections:          ¼” NPT or ½” NPT

Pressure Ranges:                  Per diaphragm seal rating

1109 Wetted Materials

Tube:                                      316L SS

Process Connections:          316L SS

1109 Non-Wetted Material

Case:                                        300 Series SS, 316 SS (OPT.)

Ring:                                        300 Series SS, 316 SS (OPT.)

Pressure Relief Back:            300 Series SS, 316 SS (OPT.)

Pressure Limiting Valve

Wetted Materials:                316L SS, 316 Ti SS and 304 SS

Max. Pressure Rating:          14,500 psi

Max. Temperature Rating:  175°F (80°C)

510 (XHP) all welded diaphragm seal

Max. Pressure Rating:           10,000 psi @ 212°F (100°C)

Bottom Housing:                    316L SS, Hastelloy C276 or Monel

Diaphragm:                               316L SS, Hastelloy C276 or Monel

Fill Fluid:                                    Silicone