Someone asked me how to measure the pressure in a pipe where they carry pulps, slurrys or some chemical.

The sludge is a sandpaper for the metal cells of the pressure gauges or the pressure gauges, just as if you suffer an error in the type of metal this cannot be compatible with the chemical and may suffer degradation of the metal membrane.

For this application the recommendation is the rings.

Let’s analyze the application, let’s start talking are the traditional measurement:

The meters usually have:

  • Point diaphragms as measurement point.
  • Connection in small diameters
  • They require derivations of the pipes.
  • You must use the lock valves to disable them and be able to change them.
  • They are always in contact with the fluid.

What works perfectly with clean fluids … But what happens with fluids with solid contents?

We have a sensor that eliminates all those situations:


Pressure sensors with 360 radial measurement with anti-abrasion profile and incrustation …



  • It consists of a sleeve, which is made of materials with the same robustness of the sleeves in the pinch valves and severe service knives.
  • The same diaphragm function generating an integrated 360 radial measurement.
  • The fluid generates a pressure against the sleeve and the latter towards a non-compressible fluid which is in contact with the manometer or transmitter.

Expected benefits:

  • Isolate the instrumentation of the fluid.
  • Ensure accurate and reliable measurement.
  • Self cleaning function
  • There is no cover with the fluid.
  • Fully integrated to the line
  • There are no disturbances of genres in the fluid.

General characteristics:

  • Wafer / Bridle / Threaded Assembly.
  • Measures: from ¼ “to 48”.
  • Compatible with ANSI 125/150/300 flanges, NPT rope.
  • Construction materials: Stainless steel, carbon steel and even PVC.
  • Sleeves made of EPDM, pure rubber, neoprene, chlorobutyl, Buna N, Hypalon, Viton, sanitary grade elastomers, Bun-N or Viton coated with Teflon.
  • Quick connections.
  • Instrumentation of remote measurement, through capillary tubes and / or communication protocols.
  • Easy to adapt transmitter, translator or manometer of any brand.