Sanitary Processes: When you require high productivity and uncompromising hygiene, you need precise pressure control of pumps and dosing machines to help optimize flow rates. From material handling, mixing and pumping to processing and conveying, we have the right solutions for you.

From soda pop to popsicles, from vegetables soup to vegie chips, all food and beverage products have one thing in common – the risk of contamination. Each can, bottle, bag or box that leaves your facility has to be wholesome, safe and meet stringent regulatory standards. Your good name and profitability depend on it. Throughout your complex operations, it´s critical that processes run efficiently and hygienic controls and procedures are in place. Whether you´re measuring levels in a fermentation tank, discharge pressure from a diaphragm pump or sterilization temperatures, you need accurate and reliable instrumentation.

At Ashcroft, we´re focused on sanitation as you are. Our experts strive to develop innovative solutions to keep you contamination free. In fact, many of our products have received 3-A Sanitary Approvals. Gauges with all-stainless steel construction satisfy regulatory requirements and are CIP/SIP capable. While our custom designs for compact pressure switches and transducers fit tight spaces while allowing for clean-in-place (CIP) and Sterilization-in-place (SIP).

Pressure Gauges (1032)

Flush In-Line gauge and fitting system (1036)



Digital Gauges with battery (2032/2036),

Digital Gauges with 4-20mA (2132/2136);

Digital Gauges for 12-36VDC (2232/2236)

Switches (A series, G series)

Transmitters KS

Transmitters A2

Thermometers (EL (Dry), EL (Liquid))


Thermometers  CI (Tamper Resistant)