In the market there are several types of pumps and the most used for handling fuels are mechanical seal.

It is not the pump that by law should be used, since this pump has spaces and not sealed and you can have fluid exposed to the atmosphere.

The centrifugal pump of Lewa-Nikkiso, comes with its encapsulated motor which supports and avoids that we have fluid exposed to the atmosphere; On the other hand, this pump is maintenance free for 4 years.


We have the camera that protects the shaft, it is also filled with the fluid that is being pumped and acts as fluid to cool the motor, we also have bearings (image are the yellow ones) that are the parts to give maintenance as required, these warn us because they start to vibrate, it must be mentioned, that the motor in the head has an indicator (vibration monitor) to notify us of the vibration of the bearings and it is necessary to proceed to change them.

Also integrating the motor directly in the hermetic centrifugal pump not only guarantees the protection of the environment, but also the safety in the plant. All parts of the pump are also designed for easy and fast maintenance. Therefore, unproductive periods can be minimized.

If you need support to select the right pump for your production, we are at your service.

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