Check Valves:

Our check valves have application, for flood prevention, backflow control and even odor control.

Its main characteristics:

  • Wide variety of elastomers available.
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low permeability and incrustation.
  • End of line applications
  • Applications inside or outside the pipeline.
  • Wide range of diameters available, including special diameters.
  • Custom fabrications.
  • Configurable breaking pressures

Red Valve is more than 60 years old, providing valves and engineering systems of the highest quality backed by technical innovation and customer service.

CheckMate® in-line check valve is based on the experience and development of elastomer technology from our Tideflex® line, one of the most well-known valves proven to provide reliable prevention of long-term backflow throughout the world.

In 1984, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) instructed Red Valve Company to develop and test an alternative to tidal gate valves. In its report, Development and Evaluation of a “Duck Bill” Rubber Tide Gate, the EPA states:

 “The increased reliability and performance of tidal gates has a beneficial impact on the overall pollution reduction program for the nation’s waterways.”

In response, Red Valve Company developed and patented its “duckbill” Tideflex® elastomer check valve to eliminate the operational and maintenance issues associated with flapgate check valves, including mechanical parts corrosion, open or closed freezing, deformation and obstruction due to trapped debris.

EPA rigorously evaluated the Tideflex® check valve for two years and discovered that the valve showed:

 “A significant improvement over gate valves in terms of leakage entry, debris entrapment, self-cleaning capability and susceptibility to marine fouling.”

Since the creation of the Tideflex® check valve in 1984, years of research and development, testing and proven performance have led to the globalization of the Tideflex® TF-2 check valve and the next generation of Tideflex® TF-1. With improved flow efficiency features and the latest technology in elastomers. The name Tideflex® is respected and recognized throughout the world as the most reliable valve for the prevention of reflux. Since the first Tideflex® check valve installed in 1984, it is still in service today, with more than 800,000 Tideflex® check valves in service worldwide, which reliably resolve seal and jam problems.

Problem: Traditional gate valves block and allow millions of gallons of water to return to treatment systems or plants to re-treat or cause flooding in cities.

The Tideflex® check valve eliminates the problems of gate valves in terms of leakage entry, debris trapping, lack of self-cleaning capability and susceptibility to marine fouling.

Proven performance has revolutionized the prevention of fluid return

Solution: The forward hydraulic pressure opens the valve to allow the flow, and the reverse pressure seals the valve preventing the back flow. Each Tideflex® and CheckMate® Valve are custom built for each application.

The Duckbill type valve

The principle of operation of the Tideflex duck bill opens with positive pressure, starting from 1″ WC allowing the passage of the flow.

The return pressure seals the peak of the Tideflex check valve, stopping the flow from the opposite direction. The counterflow is prevented.


The advantages presented by Tideflex are the following:

  • No moving or mechanical parts.
  • 100% elastomer construction.
  • Low pressure loss.
  • The sensitivity of the elastomer allows to open from 1″ of water pressure.
  • The design is customized according to your flow and pressure specifications.
  • Reliable replacement for traditional clapper valves.
  • Silent and without low level of disturbance
  • Self-draining, self-cleaning
  • Eliminates the need for a water seal.
  • Tideflex check valves are a cost-effective and reliable replacement for traditional gate valves.
  • One-piece design allows the valve to open with low line pressure, and yet withstands a large amount of back pressure.

The development of the Tideflex design:

  • Extensive testing was required and a large amount of data was analyzed to model the effect of the valve geometry and the relative rigidity of the hydraulics.
  • We are the only manufacturer that has tested its designs, with numerous hydraulic variations, both in free downloads and in submersion conditions.