One of the biggest challenges that will be faced during and after the health contingency the world is going through will be the reduction of costs, without this implying a loss in the quality of the final products.

At ECN automation we are committed to your company, helping you to optimize your operating costs and increasing the availability of your assets through a balanced maintenance plan.

This will allow maintenance in accordance with safety and quality standards through efficient scheduling, full traceability of your installed base with detailed information and documentation throughout the life cycle, calibration plans, adequate frequencies, standardized procedures, programs, proper tools, methods, etc.

Our Service Center has been developed to provide metrological assurance to private and government organizations, complying with standards such as ISO 9000 and ISO 17025 … equipped to provide services with accreditation and / or traceability to national and international standards.

At ECN automation we develop all projects with a solid organizational structure that provides well-being to employees, customers and suppliers. Increasing productivity, streamlining processes obtaining growth in the company and improvement for our customers.

Our services are tailored to each client based on their strategic and production objectives to provide a complete solution. We’re at your service.