Single Seat Valves – SVP Fill

Valves for filling applications in hygienic and aseptic processes.



  • Quick cycles – up to 4 cycles per second (depending om operating pressure and valve size)
  • Longevity – during internal tests more than 24 million cycles were reached
  • Product safety – Aseptic spindle seal with P3-diaphragm or PTFE- bellow
  • Excellent media resistance during CIP & SIP – with high performance materials (P3, PEEK, PTFE)
  • Easy maintenance of product – and actuator spring
  • Optional safety position using a preloading spring
  • EHEDG and 3-A 53-06 compliant



Functional Description

The SVP FIL Valve features a unique actuator design that, when used in combination with an aseptic stem and high performance seals, provides long operating cycles even though the cycles speed is high.

Fields of Application

Pentair Sudmo’s SVP Fill single seat valves are implemented in various process areas within the hygienic and aseptic sectors, where cleanability of all product wetted surfaces is necessary.


  • Beverages
  • Food
  • Dairy
  • Pharmaceuticals




  • Filling valve on a filler
  • Feed valve on a Filler
  • Any application with a high number of cycles



  • Provides low CAPEX and OPEX
  • Meets highest product safety standards
  • Minimizes maintenance cycles and increases filler availability.