Pentair Südmo’s SensoTop represents a smart unit to have a feedback of the valve position as a cost-efficient alternative to obsoleted solutions with external proximity switches and distinguishes in many additional features and benefits towards them.








Using inductive magnetic coils, the feedback fields for the individual valve positions are defined and can be programmed at the press of a Teach-in button. SensoTop excludes not only all risks of trapping limbs during valve switching operations, it also offers clear visual identification of valve positions due to its all-around LED display while ensuring optimum cleaning of the external surfaces.





Customer Benefits of Südmo SensoTop

  • Simple adaptation and fast commissioning
  • Intuitive programming of feedback positions-no mechanical adjustments required
  • Safe operation by avoiding any accessible moving parts
  • Clear visibility of valve positions through all around LED indication
  • Hygienic design by avoiding edges and gaps – liquids to be drained even at upside down installation
  • Only one cable for feedback of two valve positions required





Applicable industries

  • Water – Beverages
  • Beer – Spirits – Winery
  • Food – Dairy







Applicable valve range

  • Versatile use on different products
  • Easy retrofit for existing solutions
  • “Upgrade your system”
    • Improved Visibility, Safety, Simplicity




Set-up comparison

  • External proximity switches (incl. Finger protection)
    • Sensor Fixing
    • Hexagon Screw
    • Target
    • Finger protection

Set-up comparison

External proximity switches (incl. Finger protection)

Disadvantages of obsoleted proximity switch solutions

Complex implementation and removal

  • Mounting kit, target, proximity switch, finger protection

Risk of cutting/squeezing fingers during valve cycles

  • Necessity of finger protection

Manual adjustment of initiators

  • Complex and time consuming

No hygienic solution

  • Difficult to clean edges, gasps, columns, back taper

Bad visual recognition of the valve position

  • Proximity switch “caged” by finger protection




Advantages of SensoTop feedback unit

  • Simple adaptation and installation
  • Closed all-in-one feedback unit design
  • Fast commissioning by teach-in button
  • “Hygienic Design” ensures optimum cleanability
  • All around LED display provides clear visibility


Technical Data

Inductive magnetic coils


  •  Communication
    • Digital, PnP, 50 mA
  • Position Measuring System
    • Detection range *85 mm
    • Feedback *2 positions monitored
  • Electrical Connection
    • 24 VDC *plug M12x1 (4-pin)
  • LED status display
    • Green   *valve not activated
    • Yellow  *valve activated
    • Red       *default
  • Protection class
    • IP65 acc. DIN EN 60529
    • IP67 acc. DIN EN 60529
  • Ex-Zone
    • II 3 G Ex nR IIC T4 Gc (-10o C ≤ Ta ≤ +55o C)
    • II 3 D Ex Tc IIIC T135o Dc (-10o C ≤ Ta ≤ +55o C)