Economical and flexible single seat valves for the beverage, food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Attractive price level
  • Sophisticated packaging solution
  • Compact and light weight design

Functional Description

Integrating single seat valves into a hygienic production process presents two main challenges. One is the need to control the cost of this particular valve type, additionally, projects are often pressed for time with project cycles become shorter. The market is in search of valves that are cost-effective, can quickly be put into operation, and have the basic functions.

Also key is easy handling throughout the whole process including: ordering, delivery, integration of housings and functional modules, connection to plant controls, and maintenance.

Pentair Südmo developed the SVP Basic Single Seat Valve range as a perfect solution for these market requirements. The SVP Basic range offers cost efficiency, flexibility and meets the latest hygienic standards for the food, beverage and dairy industries. This is achieved through standardization and a clear range of options.

Fields of Application


  • Beer, spirits, wine
  • Soft drinks, ice tea
  • Fruit juices
  • Water

Dairy & Food

  • Cheese, yogurt, milk
  • Whey products, soup, vegetable puree
  • Pet Food