Processing is of the utmost importance for production, consumer safety and efficiency. Thermal processing controls are highly regulated according to local regulations. The most important control points of the pasteurization process are temperature, flow rate and differential pressure in the heat exchanger, and all of them must be sealed and connected to the controls approved according to the regulations.

Fast temperature signals improve heating control

Endress + Hauser has the fastest temperature sensor for hygienic processes in the world. The iTherm QuickSens provides the correct temperature value three times faster than any other sensor, as shown by time t90. Fast and accurate measurements prevent energy from being wasted and the product is exposed to more thermal stress than is necessary. Rely on this technology, to improve the quality of your products and reduce your costs.

Flow rate in thermal processing

Precise measurement of the flow rate ensures that the right amount of heat is applied to achieve reliable results. The electromagnetic flowmeter is essential in the flow measurements in operations with dairy products and is essential in thermal processing. The Proline Promag H sensor offers integrated conductivity and temperature measurements that extend the scope of the installation. In addition, Heartbeat Technology features verification and diagnostic functions that simplify maintenance and extend calibration intervals.

Differential pressure in the heat exchanger

Heat exchangers are used to prevent raw dairy products from coming into contact or mixing with a pasteurized product. Differential pressure monitoring in the heat exchanger is essential and is done reliably with two Cerabar pressure transmitters. The pressure must be higher on the pasteurized side to ensure that unprocessed milk does not mix with the pasteurized in case of a small leak in the heat exchanger.