The use of steam in the food and beverage industry is essential for the production of products, steam is used in heat transfer processes such as cooking areas, pasteurization and in cleaning processes.

For the production of this steam, the boiler plays an important role, which is why special care must be taken with its maintenance, as well as care with the water that enters the system. Another point is to get the most out of the boiler while having the maximum efficiency of it.

At ECN Automation we have the following solutions.

Steam measurement and quality.

The measurement of the steam produced is carried out through Vortex-type equipment, which with the Wet steam measurement function can monitor the steam quality in the presence of condensate.

Monitoring the quality of the incoming water to the boiler.

Treating the water from a steam or hot water boiler is essential to ensure a long service life free of operational problems, major repairs and accidents.

Hard to soft water is one that contains a high level of minerals, in particular magnesium and calcium salts.


  • PH represents the acidic or alkaline characteristics of water, so its control is essential to prevent corrosion problems (low pH) and deposits (high pH).
  • The hardness of the water mainly quantifies the amount of calcium and magnesium ions present in the water, which favor the formation of deposits and scale difficult to remove on the heat transfer surfaces of a boiler.
  • Oxygen. The oxygen present in the water favors the corrosion of the metallic components of a boiler. Pressure and temperature increase the speed with which corrosion occurs.

Boiler Efficiency.

Efficiency monitoring is important, which allows us to have a clear picture of the conditions of how our boiler is operating and when the system requires maintenance, for example, greater fuel consumption due to incrustation in fire tubes on the water side and the generation of soot. by the type of fuel used.

Feed water temperature, fuel flow, analytical variables, pressure, temperature, among others, are the points that must be considered.

Combustion efficiency and monitoring of emissions into the atmosphere.

Each country establishes its regulations and standards for monitoring air pollution for stationary sources that use fossil, solid, liquid, gaseous fuels or any of their combinations, which establishes the maximum levels. Therefore it is necessary to monitor and comply with the standard.

Valves in good condition.

The handling of the steam is carried out by means of pipes and shut-off valves, which must be kept in optimal conditions and avoid leaks, thus we tend to make the most of the steam generated.