When someone ask for a valve for flow control, we always ask if it is a “normal” control or a “fine” control.

We ask this question because we can control the flow with a high-performance butterfly valve or with a globe valve.

A butterfly valve gives you a lower KV than the globe valve, if you are looking for better accuracy and “fine” control, the recommendation is the globe valve.

In our products case, we have to cover this need the globe valve of the Samson brand.

The complete equipment consists of control valve, pneumatic actuator (double action or simple action), filter regulator and its positioner.

This valve is widely used within the industry of power generation, food industry and chemical industry; this does not mean that it can´t be used in another industry. One of the advantages of the samson valve is that it is very low maintenance (maintenance if necessary every year), there are valves that have been in operation for more than 5 years and have not yet been maintained; this in comparison to its competitors, who usually give maintenance every 6 months or every year.

Another advantage that we can give, that we can calculate the KV that your process requires and if you already have a samson valve, there is a possibility that with the same valve diameter we can reduce or extend the KV, just changing its seat and its plug to give the flow required.

If you have a need for control valves, we are at your service to help you choose the correct valve to your needs.

Thanks for your attention