In the food and beverage industry, one of its main resources for the elaboration of its products is water, whether it is used as part of the processing as an ingredient or used in the part of services such as CIP, Boilers, Osmosis, etc.

After use, it is disposed of as wastewater. Depending on the composition and level of contamination, wastewater is treated and reused as process water, or cleaned before disposal in the environment or in the sewer system. This is the only way to ensure compliance with strict environmental regulations.

In ECN we know about the need of the process, in which we can offer different solutions and products in the different stages of the industrial wastewater treatment process.

Instrumentation for monitoring and control, such as PTAR input and output flows, measurement of reagent tank levels as well as flows, monitoring of variables such as Ph, ammonium, oxygen among others to ensure a reliable biological process.

Field Elements:

Necessary for the operation of the plant as manual or control valves with coating for the handling of chemical products, pressure gauges for visualization, pressure switches for the protection of the Pumps.

Process automation:

Example aeration in wastewater treatment, save up to 30% of energy costs using in-line measurement for aeration control, controlling aeration automatically, hypochlorite injection for water disinfection, Telemetry system for influential PTAR flow among others.