The efficiency of its biological processes depends largely on whether the appropriate conditions are achieved so that cells can proliferate in a stable and predictable manner. Aseptic conditions must be strictly ensured throughout the entire biopharmaceutical production process. The pH is, therefore, one of the critical parameters in a bioreactor. Each cell line has its own optimal pH range for efficient cell growth and protein expression. From laboratory production to large-scale production, consistent and reliable data is required. The use of the same digital technology on all scales for pH sensors provides maximum safety and allows a sophisticated calibration concept in the laboratory. All our pH sensors are specifically designed and optimized to withstand process conditions, as well as a maximum number of sterilization cycles.

Memosens, the solution for critical measurement points

Memosens technology, for liquid analysis, is based on digital and intelligent sensors with an integrated data chip. The digitalization of raw data in the sensor body makes it possible to obtain stable measurements and reliable data transfers, regardless of external factors, such as moisture and dirt, that can influence. The integrated memory card in the sensor body stores all relevant information about the sensor, such as calibration data and sensor history. Therefore, sensor calibration can be done under optimal conditions in the laboratory. This simplifies calibration and extends sensor life.

Memobase Plus

It is the perfect software to improve the security and reliability of your process. Document the complete life of the Memosens sensors offering complete traceability with a minimum of paperwork. Memobase Plus turns your computer into a high performance measuring device that

Saves space for up to four sensors in parallel. You can save and export measurement data and use identical sensors in the laboratory, as well as in the process to obtain perfectly comparable measurements. Memobase Plus gives you 100% uniformity between laboratory and process measurements and smooth scaling.