Dust emission analysis

Instrument for continuous measurement of dust emission for process control and environmental application.

QAL991 Series


Automatic verification from scratch, span and pollution for compliance of norm QAL3

QAL1 Certified according to norms EN 14181 and EN 13284-2 as well as EN 15267-3, also TÜV approved according to 13., 17., 27. and 30. BImSchV

"PCME ProController" for up to 32 sensors, "PCME interface module" alternate for 1 sensor

Cost reduction in material, inactive time and maintenance

Combustion gas temperature up to 250° C (optional 500° C, 400° C for Ex version)

Digital inlets and outlets

External connections: USB 2.0 (type A), ethernet (RJ45 / 100 Mb / s)

Application: Cement process

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