Boiler Control

Boiler Control

In the food and beverage industry one of the main process equipment is the boiler, which needs an effective control system to safely and efficiently operate with low maintenance, complying with environmental norms and connected industry.

ECN Automation has the knowledge and experience to develop integrated systems for boiler control complying with functional safety regulations and emission control.

System Features

BMS combustion control

Fuel atomization control

Dome level control

Combustion SIL 2 control with O2 analysis

Instrumentation & control system

Fuel consumption totalizers and steam generation

Process instrumentation and water quality analysis

Combustion and emission analysis

Combustion Control

System Features

  • Combustion control BMS
  • Airflow control
  • Fuel flow control
  • Combustion analysis (O2)

Instrumentation and combustion control diagram

Boiler process diagram

Main boiler screen HMI

Water quality monitoring

Water treatment of a boiler is fundamental for ensuring a lasting life without operational problems, important repairs and accidents. From hard water to soft it is the one that has a high mineral level, particularly magnesium salts and calcium.

  • pH represents the acidic or alkaline features of water, therefore its control is essential for preventing corrosion problems (low pH) and deposits (high pH)
  • Hardness. Water hardness mainly quantifies the amount of ions of calcium and magnesium in the water, which favor the appearance of deposits hard to remove from heat transferring surfaces in a boiler
  • Oxygen. Oxygen present in water favors corrosion in the metallic elements of a boiler. Pressure and temperature increase the speed in which corrosion is produced

Water analysis

Combustion efficiency and emission monitoring

Enviromental laws in each country established the limits of air polution generated by a boiler or furnace that must be monitorating to accomplish regulations.

Portable Emission Analyzer

Stationary Emission Analyzer














The system is prepared and has as an option the integration of mobile devices for process monitoring and information that make operators or supervisor’s work easier.

Compatible portability devices:

  • Industrial tablets
  • General tablets
  • Cell phones
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