Process Automation

Process Automation

Process automation is the main drive of efficiency at industrial plants, current competitiveness and the compliance of a demanding consumer needs present important challenges for companies.

Process automation tech evolves rapidly as it expands its reach with convergence to information and communication technologies, being an essential part of digital transformation within the 4.0 industry.

ECN Automation, with over 3 decades of experience and more than 2500 automation projects developed internationally is your best partner to develop and implement process efficiency projects with automation tech and digital transformation.

ECN Automation capabilities

  • Instrumentation and control (I&C)
  • PLC Multiplatform system integrator
  • DCS Rockwell PlantPAx system integrator
  • DCS Proprietary migration
  • MAC (Main Automation Contractor) Projects
  • Industrial Networks/IDC’s
  • 4.0 Industry Solutions










Integration Platforms

Awards and Certifications

Best Practice

System Integrator

Designing and developing automation solutions suited to your process, using the best practices in the control system integration industry.

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Rockwell Automation Platform

ECN Automation has more than 30 years of experience in the Rockwell platform offers control, automation, and process automation solutions.

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Engineering and Control Panels

We offer our expertise for designing and manufacturing control, monitoring, power, and instrumentation panels made under industrial standards and best practices.

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Multiplatform PLC

Over the last three decades of experience as a system integrator, ECN Automation has designed and implemented automation and information solutions in various platforms.

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Advanced Process Solutions

ECN Automation has developed capacities in order to comply with specific process standards and create solutions for complex systems.

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AI Process Solutions

As an experienced automation leader in different areas, ECN Automation can help you improve process control of your production plant using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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