Granulates and Dust Flow Measurement

ENVEA - SWR has designed a basket of products for the measurement and detection of powders and granulates for different applications in industrial processes such as filter efficiency, dust recovery in bag filters, mass flow measurement of various dry products.

The application of these products contributes to the efficiency, quality and reduction of emissions to the environment in industrial processes.


Continuous dust measurement with electrodynamic measuring principle

ProSens Series


Dust measurement in any pipe or duct, including large diameter

Minimum flow velocity of 4 m / s

Measuring range from 0.1 mg / m3

Process temperature of 150° C with an option of up to 500° C

Sensor rod made of stainless steel with lengths from 500 to 1000 mm

Dust concentration output as trend or absolute value

IP66 protection; ATEX cat. ½ GD

Measurement of dust concentration at high temperatures

Continuous dust measurement after cleaning filters

Mass flow measurement for granulates and dry powders

MaxxFlow HTC Series


Most non-metallic solids can be measured

Can be installed in round pipes or ducts

No actual upper limit of mass flow

Maximum pressure 10 bar

Dust proof

No flow restrictions (wear resistant ceramic liner)

Mass flow measurement is independent of flow characteristics

Maximum temperature, 120° C

Can be installed at an angle

Small size, 220 mm (DN 100), 290 mm (DN 150), 310 mm (DN 200)

No moving parts, therefore no maintenance

Easy to calibrate

Mass flow application in chips

Mass flow application gypsum

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