Measurement principle

A capacitance probe can be compared to an electrical capacitor. As the reservoir fills, the capacitance value of the probe increases. This change is electrically analyzed to know when the liquid is present or not.


Applicable measurement for powders and granules in various industries

Rod probes, cable in different materials and coated

Temperatures -50 to 400 °C (-58 to 752 °F) and Pressure: from vacuum to 25 bar (-14.5 to 362 psi)

Self-compensation for intense adhesions

Used for level detection in grain and flour silos, as well as very demanding applications in cement and aggregates


Nivector FTI26
Level detector for powder and fine-grained solids.

Minicap FTC260
Level detector for solids light granules.

Minicap FTC262
Detector for light granular solids with extension cable.

Solicap FTI55
Rod type level switch for coarse or fine grained solids.

Solicap FTI56
Level detector with extension cable for fine or coarse grained solids

Solicap FTI77
Solids level detector granulated, for high temperatures and heavy loads mechanical.

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