Guided radar

Continuous level measurement is a very important process variable either for control, inventory or safety applications is vital information needed for your plant operation.

There are two main types of products to measure level liquids or bulks, with many different characteristics, water base, hydrocarbons, chemicals, powders, granulates, with foam presence, turbulence surface or dusty atmosphere so the selection of the correct level measurement instrument need the assistance of an expert to get the best result for your process.

Guided radar

Measurement Principle

These transmitters work base on time of flight (TOF) technology: High frequency radar emit pulses by an antenna that are reflected off the surface of the product. The time elapsed between the emission of the pulses and their return reception is the magnitude proportional to the level of the product. The difference between regular antenna radars and guided antenna is that the pulses travel through a cable or rod up to the product surface and return in order to concentrate the signal for low dialectric constant liquids or heavy dust atmosphere solids applications.


Applicable measurement for liquids, pastes and solids. Insensitive to foam-like product surfaces and tank obstacles

Rod, cable probes in different materials and coated

Temperature: -196 to +450 ° C (-320 to +842 ° F) and Pressure: -1 to +400 bar (-14.5 to +5,800 psi)

Measurement range: rod 10 m (33 Ft), cable 45 m (148 Ft), coaxial probe 6 m (20 Ft)

Measurement accuracy ± 2mm standard


Levelflex FMP50
For basic level applications in liquids.

Levelflex FMP51
The standard sensor for meeting the highest demands in level measurement in liquids.

Levelflex FMP52
Coated probe for use in corrosive liquids.

Levelflex FMP53
For hygienic applications in liquids in the food industry and life sciences.

Levelflex FMP54
For liquids with high temperatures and pressures in the oil & gas, chemical and energy industries.

Levelflex FMP55
Innovative multiparametric equipment for liquid interface measurement.

Levelflex FMP56
Effcient entry-level model for all bulk solids level applications.

Levelflex FMP57
Sensor for the most demanding conditions in level measurement in bulk solids.

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