Tequila production is one of the main growing industries due to its worldwide acceptance. Challenges of this industry range from fulfill the high increase on demand, scarcity seasons of agave, quality water sources, and adapt processes to new technology.

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Grinding is the stage in which previously baked agave piñas (bulb) are ground for the extraction of agave juice. However, if it is done using the diffusing method, this process helps in cutting and ripping the un-cooked piñas (bulbs) apart to obtain fine fibers that later will be taken into the diffusor.

Grinding process

  1. Mill
  2. Conveyor belt
  3. Chains
  4. Shredder

Agave cooking

Agave cooking is essential for the obtaining of agave juice and its sugar which later will be fermented. There are currently 3 ways of cooking the agave piñas (bulbs) or their fibers.

  • Traditional oven
  • Autoclaves
  • Diffuser
  1. Valves
  2. Juice piping
  3. Pumps
  4. Electrical ducts
  5. Pumping sump

Autoclave cooking process


Fermentation is the process to convert the sugars of the agave juice, such as glucose and fructose into ethanol and carbon dioxide with the help of yeast to accelerate the process, and temperature control to give the characteristic of the product.

  1. Steam intake
  2. Cold water intake
  3. Cold water intake
  4. Carbone dioxide download


In the tequila industry at least 2 distillations must be done for it to be called Tequila. After the first distillation the end product is known as ordinary, therefore the importance of having double distillation. The double distillation process is done in two ways: on distillation towers or stills.

The most common method for tequila distillation is by using alambic stills, thanks to them you can play with the sensorial profiles required for the final product. Instead, alcohol is concentrated in the towers and a more neutral product is obtained.

Distillation tower process diagram


In order to have a perfect maturation of tequila, monitoring the aging warehouse is important, the relevant paramethers are humidity and temperature of warehouse, another consideration is safety installing LEL detection because the content of alcohol is high so could cause explosiveness atmosphere.

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